Senate Confirms US Supreme Court Nominee

Senate Confirms US Supreme Court Nominee

Just before Nov.3 elections, President Donald Trump has achieved a cheering victory in nominating the US Supreme Court Nominee as the Senate gave approval.

Senate gave its approval just 8 days before the US elections 2020. On Nov 8, 2020, the US Presidential Elections are to be held.

Amy Coney Barrett, aged 48 has been nominated by Trump as the Supreme Court Justice to fill the post which got vacant after the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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Despite the opposition from Democrats, Trump has nominated Barrett as the Supreme Court Justice which will be a lifetime post for her. Republican majority senate has approved her nomination by 52-48 votes. With her nomination, the Conservative majority in the High court reaches to 6-3. Susan Collins stood as a highlight during the voting in the Senate. Though she is a Republican Party candidate, she has opposed the nomination of Barrett.

Senate Confirms US Supreme Court Nominee

After confirming Barrett’s nomination, Trump said

The Barrett family has captured America’s heart. It is highly fitting that Justice Barrett fills the seat of a true pioneer for women, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg,

Barrett in her brief remark said

The oath that I have solemnly taken tonight means at its core I will do the job without fear or favor and do it independently of the political branches and of my own preferences,

However, opposition Democrat leader Biden said that the confirmation was

rushed and unprecedented.

Biden added

The truth is this nomination is part of a decades-long effort to tilt the judiciary to the far right,

During the oath ceremony, Conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas will be seen wearing black robes. In a statement, Chief Justice John Roberts will administer the separate judicial oath.

One of the important factors that bring Barrett’s nomination is the Republican’s demand to curb abortion rights, expanding gun rights and limiting voting rights.

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