Hero Lectro E-Cycles Launched In India

Hero Lectro E-Cycles Launched In India

Hero Cycles India has changed the concept of bicycles in the country by launching a new electric bicycle under its Lectro range.

A wide range of models has been launched starting from a price range of Rs.24,999/- to the highest price range of Rs.1,35,000/-.

The Hero Lectro e-cycles are featured with eco-friendly technology. There is no need for any registration or license for riding this Li-ion battery-driven cycle along with the traditional pedalling drive.

The Her-Lectro e-cycle can be driven at a maximum speed of 25 KM/HR with 100 Kg maximum load. The battery will yield up to 30 km range per charge with 4 hrs of full charging time.

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The manufacturers are providing a 3 yr warranty for the battery life. Advanced water-proofed IP 67 battery is fitted for the cycle.

Coming to the digital features of the Hero Lectro cycles, it has an indication of modes (Low, medium, high) digitally. Many smart features have been assigned to the new generation cycle. Bluetooth connectivity, digital speedometer, Safety measures like Front LED lights and back brake lights, GPS connectivity, Smartphone connectivity have been bundled with this e-cycle. Anti-skit tyres and disc braking is also an additional feature that will add safety to the rider.

The Hero Lectro E-cycles come in 2 models – Single speed and multi-speed. Also, the cycles are different styling for both male and female genders.

For the high-end models, front-wheel suspension mechanism and smart RFID bike lock is a luxury feature.

The e-cycle comes with 9 different colours – Cyan, Light Blue, Purple, Grey, red, Silver, Blue, Black and Charcoal.

The era of bicycles is transforming as technology is advancing. When compared to the olden days, the shape, structure and technology have been a key factor in luring the youth to get attracted towards cycling. The traditional pedalling system was upgraded to the gear system, and now the electrifying suggest that the section has still something to appeal apart from fitness factor.

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