Hong Kong student’s death may trigger more violence

Hong Kong student’s death may trigger more violence

It is feared that after Hong Kong student’s death during last weekend’s protests, more violence may take place in the city in the name of “Mourning”.

Hong Kong student’s death may trigger more violence

On Friday morning, Chow Tsz-lok a 22-year-old computer science undergraduate studying at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) fell from a multi-storied building. He died at Queen Elizabeth Hospital because of serious head and brain injuries.

The protesters blame police for the death of Chow. They accuse that police has intentionally pushed Chow from the 3rd floor of the building of car parking. On the other hand, police deny these allegations and state that they were not involved in such acts.

The demonstrations to mark Chow’s death will be in the same old pattern of blocking the roads, Metro train Station, Shopping malls etc.

Hong Kong Police Force’s Senior Superintendent for Kowloon East Region Foo Yat-ting held a press conference on Friday afternoon and clarified that police were not involved in the death of the student.

Now, the police claim that the opposite group is using this new excuse for violence and demonstrations. On the other hand, the main land students were reportedly leaving the Hong Kong University campus predicting that there may be more violence.

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Further, local elections are ahead on November 24, 2019. One of the pro-democracy member was denied from contesting these elections in the past. Many locals fear that more violence may erupt during these elections and the city may not remain peaceful.

Though the government officials assured safety measures for the elections, many fear that it may not be safe if they come out and vote.

As a whole, the situation in Hong Kong still remain uncertain. The unrest in the country is not yet in control and the distance between police and the local public is widening day by day.

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