Human-Elephant Conflict Worsens In Indian State Odisha

Human-Elephant Conflict Worsens In Indian State Odisha

Angul, Dhenkanal, Mayurbhanj and Sundargarh districts of Odisha have been proved most dangerous for humans as they lie in the elephant corridors.

Human-Elephant Conflict Worsens In Indian State Odisha

As per the Odisha forest and wildlife official data shows that the deaths of humans due to the attacks by the elephants have been significantly increasing. During last year, 2018-19, Elephants have killed nearly 93 humans apart from injuring 162 people due to stampede.

One more adverse effect that is happening is the loss of Crop fields. Now and then the herd of elephants come and destroy the crop field of the farmers who cultivate in the nearby areas. In the last three years, around 32,000 Acres of the crop has been damaged because of elephants.

Since 2014 April, the number of people dies in Human-Elephant conflict is figured as 500 approximately. At the same time, the death of the Tuskers has also increased. Nearly 57 elephants have lost their lives in different accidents like trains, roads, and electrocution.

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The main reason behind this critical situation is completely a human error. In the name of development, people have encroached the elephant habitats leaving them with no option than entering into human living zones.

The wildlife conservators have expressed a view that the government’s failure to notify the Elephant Reserve in this region is the main cause of this worst situation of Human-Elephant’s loss of lives.

The reason behind not notifying the South Odisha Elephant Reserve (4216 sq km) and Baitarani Elephant Reserve (10,516 sq km) is mining. This location is a three-state interlinked issue.

Hence, the Environment Protection Act 1986 and Ecologically Sensitive Zones (ESZ) should provide “No Objection” as well as “Clearance” certificates for the Elephant Reserve. But that being delayed for 9 years because of lobbying by the miners of this region.

On a tempory basis, the wildlife officials have deployed some volunteers from the nearby villages to safeguard from elephants in all kinds. The policy is named after “Gaja Bandhu (Elephant Friendly). Apart from this set up of CCTV Cameras and other blockage measures are being taken up. But these all are on a temporary basis. The only permanent solution for this is confining the giant animals to a locality and preserve them with all facilities so that they don’t crunch into human living areas.

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