Imran Khan accepts Islamabad’s failure on Kashmir issue

At last Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has accepted his failure regarding Kashmir. He admitted that India has no international pressure regarding Kashmir.


India after announcing the abrogate of Article 370, Pakistan has desperately tried to pressurize India at all levels. But unfortunately it could not succeed. In other words, India has managed International community successfully with its diplomacy.

Back to Imran Khan’s statement, he told media reports in New York as –

Disappointed by the international community…There’s no pressure yet on Modi,

We’ll keep putting the pressure.

Earlier Pakistan Interior Minister Brigadier Ijaz Ahmed Shah had expressed the same view. He told –

People do not believe us but they believe them (India),

Since past days Donald Trump has meetings with both Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan separately.

Firstly, Howdy Modi was a big success as far as India is concerned. Over 50,000 Indo-US citizens have attended the meeting.

Yesterday, the US president Donald Trump has taken the oppurtunity to burst out at China with regard to Trade policies. He directly attacked China and demanded the World Trade Organisation to take proper steps in confining its business strategies that are threatening to other countries.

After meeting the Indian Prime Minister at Houston, Trump has praised India for its efforts to curb terrorism and extremism. Just a day after this meet, Imran Khan met Trump and urged for mediation in Kashmir Issue. Though Trump stated that he is ready to mediate of both the countries are willing, he had to change his statement after his second meeting with Modi yesterday. He categorically stated that Modi is capable prime minister to deal the issue.

India at all International platforms has made one point clear regarding India and Pakistan issues. India has said that only bileteral talks can resolve and no third party mediation is acceptable. Standing on the same line, India also clarified that Kashmir is India’s Internal matter. Henceforth no question related to Kashmir could be pointed by any country.

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