India Successfully Tests NextGen Hypersonic Missile

India Successfully Tests NextGen Hypersonic Missile

India’s DRDO has developed an HSTDV missile from APJ Abdul Kalam testing range (Wheeler Island) in Balasore, Odisha on Monday at 11.03 am.

HSTDV missile testing was carried out by using Agni missile booster. The test lasted for five minutes.

HSTDV successful flight-test has demonstrated India capabilities of highly complex technology. This success will help in a building block for NextGen Hypersonic vehicles in partnership with industry.

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Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle (HSTDV) is completely developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

One of the senior DRDO officials stated that –

The vehicle performed successfully on all the pre-determined parametres including the ability to handle combustion temperatures of over 2500 degrees Celsius as well as air speed

DRDO Chairman D.Sateesh Reddy has congratulated all the scientists, researchers and all other personnel who are related to the development and launch of HSTDV. In a statement he said

their resolute and unwavering efforts towards strengthening Nation’s defence capabilities.

DRDO tweeted after the successful testing of HSTDV

Indian cabinet Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh also took the social media Twitter as the medium to congratulate the HSTDV team for the successful testing.

Rajnath Singh’s Tweet on HSTDV successful testing


Watch here the launch of DRDO hypersonic missile

With this successful test of Missile-Tech, India joins the elite club of Russia, US and China apart from entering into the Hypersonic regime. The Hypersonic rocket hits MACH 6, 6x speed of sound. If this is developed by India, then it can beat China and the US in Hypersonic missile technology.

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