India China Border Clash Dampen Trade Deepen Conflict

India China Border Clash Dampen Trade Deepen Conflict

It seems that the tense at the India China border will not be getting a peaceful solution as the military troops are exerting their preparedness for action.

The border issue between India and China has dampened trade relations and deepened the conflict situation. The war-like scenario at the borders is a great hindrance to both the countries peace relations.

For the past few months, India and China have come to a position where both the nation’s army stood at face-off positions along the borders. The troops hectic activity resemble the seriousness of the situation. A few days back India accused PLA of kidnapping Indian citizens.

Just a couple of days back, both the countries have accused each other of cross border firing. Also, from both sides, the troops have been on high alert to face an unprecedented situation arising thereof.

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On the Indian side, the IAF (Indian Air Force) has shown its full preparedness to counter the situation arising from the enemy side. Sukhois, MIGs and Transport aircraft were seen patrolling in the air to show the Indian preparedness to the PLA troops.

On the other side of the border, the People’s Liberations Army (PLA) of China has also deployed heavy artillery and troops to challenge India.

In recent times, at all levels, the diplomatic talks could not yield any conclusive decision to disengage the army nor to reduce the border tensions. But, instead, both the countries have decided for strengthening their troop’s presence at borders.

The escalations started after PLA killed 20 of the Indian army personnel in a hand-to-hand fight. Apart from deaths, reports indicate injuries to many on both sides. The provocations by the PLA has accelerated the Indian army’s retaliation.

India has also acted in a ‘no-backstep manner’. India has tightened trade activities by banning most popular and financially profitable to China apps. India has also imposed a ban on imports of many Chinese products. To counter this, China has no choice of reciprocation. Indian strategy has hurt the Chinese economy worldwide. The US, UK, Germany and much anti-China policy countries have followed the footmarks of India in banning Chinese apps.

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