India Tiger Census 2018 Sets New Guinness Record

India Tiger Census 2018 Sets New Guinness Record

India Tiger Census 2018 has entered into the Guinness books of records with respect to the largest camera-trap wildlife survey.

Indian Union Cabinet Minister for Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Prakash Javadekar has officially tweeted the achievement to public sources.

Here is the Tweet :

India’s National Animal Tiger was on the verge of extinction at a point of time. In the year 2010, the numbers fell below 2,000 due to poaching and fragmentation of their habitats. It is believed that the tigers were a part of Indian civilization for the past 16,000 years. To protect and increase the numbers, the Indian government started taking measures. As a part of it, the Government of India has decided to double the numbers by the year 2022.

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Fortunately, the target was achieved much before than expected. Now, tiger estimation for the year 2018 entered the Guinness world record books for being the largest camera-trap wildlife survey.

As per the tiger estimation reports, India had 2,967 wild tigers in the year 2018. Mostly these cats were in the states of Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka. Till then the growth rate of these animals was 33% with comparison to the 2014 census.

The central government with the association of state governments have taken the task of protecting them and providing them with the security. As a part of it, 26,760 different locations were chosen across 39 study sites and were fitted with paired cameras. The operation was named “Sankalp Se Siddhi”.

With the help of these cameras, 35 million photos were snapped in which 76,523 alone belonged to tigers habitat and their movement. Apart from these 51,337 photos were related to leopards life.

The same results and protection are expected to other animals which are on the verge of extinction and need urgent action. In recent times, Indian Heritage animal – Elephants are being killed brutally by the country’s people.

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