Indian Government Bans 47 More Chinese Mobile Apps

Indian Government Bans 47 More Chinese Mobile Apps

Adding 47 more apps to the earlier 59 apps ban, Indian government has sent a strong message to the Chinese rulers that how India can react when time comes.

Tensions aroused between India and China due to the Chinese intrusion into the Indian territory and killed 20 Indian soldiers. Both the sides acted tough to withdraw the armed forces. As India gained the upper hand due to the International support, China was forced to take a back-step and reduce the tensions near LAC.

India as part of its toughness, banned 59 Chinese Apps which is a major blow for the Chinese Tech firms. Famous apps like TikTok, ShareIt, Helo, etc have suffered a huge loss due to the ban. And now, again India further tightened the ban by black-listing 47 more Chinese Apps.

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Already, government of India has also banned Chinese firms from participating in Indian tenders related to the government projects. Hero Motors India has cancelled 900 core. worth project with China immediately after the Chinese apps were banned in the first stage. In recent times, the government of India has opted out the Chinese investments from Indian Railways projects too.

India continued to act tough related to Chinese firms because of the data and national security reasons. Though TikTok CEO has assured that the data is safe and also requested the Indian IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad for an personal appointment to discuss, India seems to be in no mood to compromise. India is a major market for the Chinese tech firms with an estimate of 300 million unique users. 

However, the recent 47 Chinese apps are more related to the earlier 59 apps. They are the other versions of them mostly. In the mean time, Mobile apps, which are made in India has gained momentum. Indian mobile app developers have launched the subsequent apps that serve the purpose of the banned Chinese apps.

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