Ireland Re-enters Lockdown To Curb COVID-19

Ireland Re-enters Lockdown To Curb COVID-19

It seems that the world is preparing for the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic. Ireland re-enters lockdown to curb COVID-19 infections.

Though the country might suffer from the economical slowdown, Ireland has decided to re-impose lockdown with strict guidelines and the period is also long. Initially, a 6-week lockdown has been announced.

As per the latest guidelines, much of the economical and social hubs will be shut down in the second phase of lockdown.

Here are some of the highlights of Ireland’s COVID-19 Lockdown

  • The country will go into the lockdown for 6 weeks
  • All the non-essential shops will be shut
  • All barber’s shops, beauty salons, gyms, leisure centres and cultural amenities will be shut
  • A 5 km travel limit has been imposed
  • Private homes or gardens visits will not be permitted
  • No gatherings
  • Tightly controlled gatherings will be allowed to attend weddings and funerals
  • Public transport will operate at 25% capacity
  • Restaurants, cafes and pubs will be allowed to serve takeout meals only
  • A fine amount will be announced soon for those people who will travel more than 5KM range without work

As per financial analysts, the restrictions imposed will be a huge hurdle for economic growth. Though the economy may be derailed, the Ireland government has decided to re-enter the lockdown more strictly as to protect the healths of people. Also, it is the first European country to re-enter lockdown.

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The government has advised people not to come out of their houses unless there is a need. It is to be observed that in the US, COVID-19 cases top the death toll with 2,20,000 deaths and 8.2 million infected people.

World wide the Coronavirus has affected by all means related to health as well as financial aspects. Many have lost livelihood because of many companies deciding to cut their expenditure by reducing the manpower. Its a type of recession that is ruling the present financial world for all the countries globally.

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