Israel Responds With Air Strikes & Tank Attacks On Gaza

Israel Responds With Air Strikes & Tank Attacks On Gaza

In response to the Palestinian fire balloon attacks, Israeli warplanes have targeted Hamas observation posts and attacked them for the straight seventh night.

Israel Army has stated that Tank attacks were also carried out at the Gaza Strip along with the Air Strikes after the Palestinian fire balloon attacks in the Southern part of Israel.

An army statement said –

Tanks targeted a number of military observation posts belonging to the Hamas terror organisation in the Gaza Strip,

explosive and arson balloons launched from the Gaza Strip into Israel.

These attacks were mainly focused on Rafah in the South and Beit Lahia of the North of Palestina. These attacks have reached the seventh day continuously.

The main reason as per the Israeli army is that the Hamas has fired rockets and launched bundles of fire balloons fitted with explosive devices across the border.

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As a result of these tensions, Israel has announced the closure of Karem Abu Salem (Kerem Shalom) goods crossing with the Gaza Strip along with a fishing ban at the Gaza coast.

Gaza fishing zone has been closed as Israel imposes ban after border attacks. Gaza has a population of about 2 million people and half of them live in poverty.

Since 2007, Palestinian territory is facing Israeli blockade through Air, Land and Naval. The present attacks is not a new step or a new development for both countries.

An Egyptian delegation has visited the Gaza strip on Monday and left for Israel to hold talks on Tuesday. The Egyptian delegation is due to hold a meeting with Israelis as well as occupied West Bank-based Palestinian Authority.

Though there no casualties were reported by both the countries during these attacks, the aggression by Israel in this region has raised tensions. Despite last year’s truce backed by the United Nations, Egypt and Qatar, tensions between  Israel and Hamas rise sporadically.

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