Record Breaking Temperature On Earth Hits Death Valley

Record Breaking Temperature On Earth Hits Death Valley

Death Valley in California has recorded the potentially highest temperatures on Planet Earth this year with 130° F or 54.44° C on Sunday.

The highest temperature recording is being verified by the US National Weather Service. Also, there is a scope of a further rise in the temperatures in the coming days of this week. The unusual rise of temperatures has blocked California for 2 days. It is reported that a power plant was malfunctioned on Saturday due to high temperatures.

People working in and near the Death Valley National Park are experiencing oppressive heats. This is the as of now these temperatures are third-warmest ever measured in the past 89 years. In the year 1913, the Death Valley has recorded the highest temperature of 134° F (56.67° C). But this is a disputed matter as many think that the recorded temperatures were erroneous.

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In the year 1931 temperatures of 131° F (55° C) was recorded. Both these temperatures were recorded in the same spot and in the month of July. Traditionally, July is the hottest month on Planet Earth.

In recent times, a temperature of 129° F (53.9° C) was recorded in this region. The heatwaves have caused the death of 4 members in this season.

Death Valley is an austere landscape in the desert of South-Eastern California which includes bad water Basin. This is situated at (282 feet) 85.9 meters below the sea level. This is also the lowest point in North America. One more reason is the nearby mountains.  This causes to trap heat there and the dry land enable temperatures to get much hotter.

The rise in temperatures is one of the concerns that have to be taken seriously. Because the creeping temperatures are the danger bells about the future ecological imbalances. The rainfall which is a natural relief for summer heats by Nature, is also missing in many parts of the world.

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