As Protests Mount In Belarus, Lukashenko Ready To Share Power-min

As Protests Mount In Belarus, Lukashenko Ready To Share Power

The sixth term in power seems to be a threat for Lukashenko as the protests are growing inside and pressure is increasing from outside too.

Amid growing protests after the elections were declared on August 9, 2020, though Alexander Lukashenko was declared as the winner and took over as Belarus President, he is facing immense pressure to quit the post.

Alexander Lukashenko is the President of Belarus since 20 July 1994 and after 26 years of ruling, he is facing extreme opposition from the Belarus people. Thousands of people have come onto the streets to protest against the election results.

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Belarusian opposition politician Tsikhanouskaya who has contested against Lukashenko flew to neighbouring country Lithuania after the election results. She has accused that the results did not resemble the people’s mandate and they were rigged. She has demanded fresh elections.

However, the demand was rejected by Lukashenko on Monday by stating that such a situation will arise only when his death happens.

But he has proposed that he is ready to share the power and also is in trials to bring a constitutional change in this regard. He also added that his decision to share the power does not come under pressure that is being created by the ongoing protests.

On the other hand, opposition candidate Tsikhanouskaya has conveyed that she is ready to take the responsibility of leading the country if an opportunity is given to her.

According to some reports, Lukashenko spoke to the Russian President Putin and briefed him about the developments. It is to remember that Belarus has no bonding diplomatic relations with Russia. At the same time, Pope Francis has appealed to restore justice and respect the feelings of people of Belarus.

The protests may reach to a high level as Belaruskali workers have threatened to stop production if Lukashenko doesn’t step down. Belaruskali one of the world’s largest potash producers which produce nearly 15% of the world’s potash fertilizers and it is also the Belarus state-owned industrial group.

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