Italy Votes Meloni To Become Country's First Female PM

Italy Votes Meloni To Become Country’s First Female PM

Ms. Giorgia Meloni is widely expected to form the government after winning around 26% of the votes. She will be the first female prime minister of Italy.

Italy Votes Meloni To Become Country's First Female PM

Also, Italy’s right-wing party is forming the government for the first time since World War II. Meloni defeated her closest rival Enrico Letta of the center-left party.

Ms. Meloni’s right-wing party is in alliance with the far-right League party and centre-right Forza Italia party. This alliance will take control of both the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, with around 44% of the vote. Far-right League Party is headed by Matteo Salvini and the centre-right Forza Italia party is headed by former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

After Italy’s Election Result 2022, Ms. Meloni said –

Italians have sent a clear message in favour of a right-wing government led by Brothers of Italy,

her Brothers of Italy party would govern for everyone and would not betray people’s trust.

In Rome, Ms. Meloni was seen holding up a sign saying “Thank you Italy”.

On the other hand, on Monday Mr. Letta told reporters –

sad day for Italy and Europe. But his party would provide a strong and intransigent opposition.

Giorgia Meloni seems sure to become the prime minister, yet it will be for the president, Sergio Mattarella, to choose her and that is probably not going to occur before late October.

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