Narendra Modi - Xi Jinping Day meeting at Mamallapuram

Narendra Modi – Xi Jinping Day 1 meeting at Mamallapuram

Chinese President XI Jinping arrived in Chennai airport around 1.45 P.M. During his 2-day Visit to India he will be staying in ITC Grand Chola hotel in Guindy.

Narendra Modi - Xi Jinping Day meeting at Mamallapuram
       Narendra Modi – Xi Jinping Day 1 meeting at Mamallapuram

Indian Prime Minister has welcomed Chines President in India after landing at Chennai airport. This is the second informal meeting between the two leaders – Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Xi Jinping is accompanied by a massive 100-member delegation during his visit to India. Though neither of the leaders have specifically mentioned about the agenda of the meeting, it is assumed that the 2 leaders would be discussing about the bilateral relations and strengthening the ties.

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Though China is a hardcore supporter of Pakistan, Xi Jinping has not included Kashmir agenda in his tour. Before leaving to India, the Chinese leader has already stated that the Article 370 is an Internal matter of India, and China would not interfere in this at least during this visit.

Pakistan has expected a lot fro Xi Jinping as he may raise a question regarding Kashmir. But as he himself is facing heat from Hong Kong and Tibet unrest. Hence, Xi wisely chose not to indulge in such issues.

Keeping aside all the controversial issues, both the leaders would be concentrating on strengthening the ties between the two nations and build an new era of co-operation.

Adding strength to this, the opening remarks by the two leaders indicated the same. Modi said

The Wuhan spirit gave a new momentum and trust to our relations. Today, our Chennai Connect will lead to the start of a new era of cooperation between the two countries,

Jinping has urged to conduct people-to-people deeper and broader cultural exchanges as it will bear a great potential for both the counties.

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