Philippines Military Plane Crash - 45 Dead

Philippines Military Plane Crash – 45 Dead

At least 45 people got killed in the Philippines military plane crash incident. C-130 Hercules transport plane got crashed on Sunday. It was carrying 92 people.

Philippine military aircraft, C-130 Hercules crashed and burst into flames after missing the runway in Jolo island of Sulu province. It is one of the Philippines deadliest military aviation accidents.

Most of the dead passengers had recently graduated from basic military training and were being deployed to the restive island as part of a joint task force fighting terrorism in the Muslim-majority region. Sadly, they were supposed to report for duty on Sunday.

Major General William Gonzales, commander of the Joint Task Force-Sulu said –

Some of the soldiers were seen jumping out of the plane before it hit the ground and exploded into flames,

This is a sad day but we have to remain hopeful,

We enjoin the nation to pray for those who are injured and those who have perished in this tragedy.

Joint Task Force-Sulu showed the Images of the crash site where the damaged tail and plume of thick black smoke rising above houses from the wreckage of the fuselage’s back section was laying near coconut trees.

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First Lieutenant Jerrica Angela Manongdo said –

The four-engine plane crashed near a quarry in a lightly populated area,

Western Mindanao Command chief Lieutenant General Corletan Vinluan told –

the aircraft overshot the landing strip and broke into two, according to initial reports

Air force spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Maynard Mariano said that the cause of the crash is being investigated. However, Major General Edgard Arevalo told that the incident is being treated as an accident rather than an attack.

This is the 4th such military aircraft accident in the Philippines that caused heavy casualties. And all were C-130s. Incidentally, all these are acquired from the United States of America with the same tail number.

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