Record High Temperatures In Canada Kill 134 People

Record High Temperatures In Canada Kill 134 People

Climate change had its effect on Canada. On Tuesday, a record high temperatures In Canada, Lytton a village of British Columbia, has killed 134 people.

The temperatures recorded high for the continuous 3rd-day lead to the death of 134 people. The deadly heatwave from the US Pacific Northwest and the country’s west broiled the weather in Canada.

Environment and Climate Change Canada has tweeted –

At 4:20pm, Lytton Climate Station reported 49.5°C, once again, breaking the daily and all-time temperature records for the 3rd straight day,

Here is the official tweet from Environment and Climate Change Canada

Temperatures In Canada has witnessed 121 degrees Fahrenheit in the last 3 days. The city police department and the Royal Canadian Mounted police have confirmed 65 sudden deaths since Friday.

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Police sergeant Steve Addison said –

Vancouver has never experienced heat like this, and sadly dozens of people are dying because of it,

Lytton recorded temperatures in excess of 46.6° C (115.88° F) on Sunday, 47.5° C (117.5° F)on Monday and 49° C (120.2° F) on Tuesday afternoon.

On Tuesday, US President Joe Biden said that the heatwave was tied to climate change. The annual North American wildfire season begins on Wednesday. Biden will meet with governors of western US states and fire officials.

Prior to the recent heatwave, the previous all-time high temperature of 45° C (113° F) was recorded on July 5, 1937, in Yellow Grass and in Midale, Sask. In 1941 a record of 44.4° C (111.92° F) was set in Lytton.

According to the reports, 60 records of the highest temperatures in Canada were crossed on Monday. Before Sunday, temperatures in Canada had never passed 45° C (113° F).

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