PUBG Banned In India Amid Border Tensions

PUBG Banned In India Amid Border Tensions

The much-awaited decision for many parents has arrived on Wednesday night – PUBG banned in India. This statement is in fact very good news for many parents in India.

Though this is not the first time that OUBG mobile got banned in India. But, it got banned only in few Indian states like Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir.

The Union Cabinet on Wednesday has decided to snap another Chinese popular app PUBG mobile from India by banning it nationwide. Along with PUBG, India has also banned 117 more apps in the name of national sovereignty and integrity. Earlier India has banned 59 Chinese apps apart from scratching off many contracts involving China.

This step of banning more apps has come at a time when the fresh talks at the military level have failed between India and China. The border tensions have drawn a tough line between both the countries. India has taken a tough stand against China because of its encroachment at borders.

India for the first time has announced that Military action is also one of the open options that India is capable of dealing with the situation.

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                     India Bans 59 China Mobile Apps

Coming back to the PUBG Mobile game app, it was a major concern for many parents as the youth got addicted to it and the future of them is getting ruined. Many cases have been registered against PUBG mobile as the kids and the youth got mad for the game and behaving in an unusual manner. Many were hospitalized because of the addiction to this game.

Even deaths occurred apart from spoiling of education of the students who got addicted to PUBG mobile. The PUBG ban has to be welcomed with joy. The Jammu & Kashmir government has officially stated that the PUBG game is the main reason for the poor educational results in their 10th and +2 results.

Moreover, the minds and the behaviour of the youth has got spoiled due to PUBG addiction. The entire parenting world has expressed its gratefulness on the decision ban. This is a major boost for parents to control their kids at least from now and be aware of such mobile games and apps.

Chinese apps, if observed are more harmful than useful. They create apps that ruin the lives of people and in turn get benefited.

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