Smartphone Camera Tech Forces Nikon To Exit From DSLR Market

Smartphone Camera Tech Forces Nikon To Exit From DSLR Market

Nearly 60 years Japanese camera maker, Nikon is reportedly getting out of DSLR camera market owing to intense competition from smartphone manufacturers.

Nikon’s SLRs and mirrorless cameras are widely used by professional photographers. However, a steep growth in smartphone camera tech, many camera companies have witnessed a drop in their sales. Citing this reason, Nikon has not launched a successor to its D6 DSLR. It is to be noted that the series is the flagship camera since June 2020.

Almost, all the smartphone manufacturers have now-a-days concentrated on camera lenses used in their gadgets. Day-by-day, the new models that are launched in the mobile market, are focusing on camera betterment along with other features. Also, in the market, there are some companies that have focused only on camera while launching their new models.

Nikon has already stopped the development of compact digital cameras. But, the company will continue to manufacture and distribute its existing range of SLRs. From now-on-wards, the company aims to focus more on mirrorless cameras.

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Despite the higher price, mirrorless cameras overtook Single-Lens Reflex (SLR) in terms of sales in 2020. The mirrorless cameras are lightweight design, a more responsive viewfinder and modern tech like the ability to use image sensors to convert light into electric signals instead of relying on a huge mirror inside. They are also more advanced digital technology based cameras when compared to SLRs.

Meanwhile, the company has decided to go-ahead with its Z-series mirrorless cameras launching. Nikon Z30 is the most recent offering in India.


A report by Nikkei Asia stated that over 2.93 million units of mirrorless cameras were sold in the year 2020 when compared to 3.37 SLRs. This shows the overall decline. The combined market peaked at 11.67 million cameras in 2017 but had fallen to 5.34 million by 2021.

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