Syska SW100 Smartwatch Launched In India

Syska SW100 Smartwatch Launched In India

Syska SW100 Smartwatch was launched in India at an attractive and affordable price. The smartwatch is exclusively available through online stores.

Syska Group has stepped into the entirely new category of the electronic market which is not familiar for it, especially at a time when Coronavirus has its vicious impact on every field of economic activity.

But the launch of Syska SW100 smartwatch can be termed as an intelligent move by the group as everyone is looking to maintain good health and fitness activities have taken up an upward trend among all. The smart gadget has mainly specified to track the fitness while working out at home.

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These days, the usage of fitness bands and smartwatches have seen an inclination graph among all sections and age groups.

Also, the time can be said as the right time as many Chinese products are under strict scanning for banning. The New York-based company has introduced at a time when people are looking for alternatives for the Chinese brands.

Here are some of the features and specifications of the Syska SW100 Smartwatch

Like other smartwatches, the common feature of smartphone connecting by the SW100 will be fully functional. Getting SMS alerts and call notifications is simpler. Also connecting to the social media, emails, accessing the calendar is a finger touch process and can be organized through the wrist.

The main aim of health tracking and fitness tracking has been a key feature of the watch. Some of the specs like sleep time monitoring, heart rate, calories calculating, etc has been well maintained with inbuilt functions. SW100 is also equipped with Yoga sessions that will keep a track on the yoga regime. 

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The smartwatch is also compatible with multi-sport mode which enables to keep a track of sporting activities like cycling, running, weight lifting, etc.

To keep all the above-mentioned feature available 24×7 for the SW100 owner, a long-lasting battery is a key factor. As per the company norms, the Syska SW100 smartwatch has a backup of 15 days once fully charged under the tested conditions. 

It is a weatherproof as the smartwatch can resist up to 1.5 meters of water depth with IP68 water-resistant technology. Apart from these, the Syska smartwatch allows the consumer to customize the dial mode based on the face attires and mood.

All these specs and features are just within the budget mode. The Syska SW100 smartwatch is available in India through online booking for just ₹.2,499/-.

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