T3X Ointment To Treat Viral Infections Including Covid-19

T3X Ointment To Treat Viral Infections Including Covid-19

COVID-19 medicines and vaccines are in a queue for approvals and releases. In the same path, the FDA has approved an ointment that can treat viral infections including Coronavirus.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)  has approved an ointment which is the first line of defence against the deadly viruses which includes Coronavirus. The ointment is named as “T3X”.

The company which has developed the ointment, in a statement said –

As per the lab report states, no infectious virus was detected after 30 seconds of T3X treatment,

T3X is an FDA registered, over-the-counter formulation, which means that no prescription is needed. It is easy to use and can be self-administered without the assistance of medical personnel or technicians,

Under the conditions tested, APT T3X displays a 99.9% virucidal activity against human coronavirus NL63,

The testing was performed over two months, in May and June. All definitive anti-viral assays were performed in triplicate,

Scientists who are related to the venture of developing the T3X have said that the FDA-registered non-prescription over-the-counter (OTC) ointment has been confirmed to deal, stop and kill the viral infections including coronavirus.

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Speaking in medical terms about the T3X ointment and its impact – it contains a high formulation by name APT™ T3X which acts against Coronavirus (NL63) and Influenza A virus. The research also concluded that the formula APT™ T3X can effectively neutralise the viral infectivity within seconds after its application on the body. The anti-viral efficacy supports the topical intranasal use of APT™ T3X to decrease the viral load of exposure.

The analysis has arrived after 2 months of testing. May 2020 and June 2020 were under the complete testing process for the T3X ointment.

It is a known fact that the COVID-19 has killed over 22,864,873 people globally and left thousands of people infected. Vaccines and tablets are also underway to fight against the deadly Coronavirus.

Where and how to buy Tetracycline 3% Ointment

One can buy the Tetracycline 3% Ointment without doctor’s prescription. This can be purchased online directly from the company’s portal which is mentioned below.


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