US Joins Taiwan To Mark Battle Anniversary Fuels Chinese Tensions

US Joins Taiwan To Mark Battle Anniversary Fuels Chinese Tensions

Adding fuel to the tensions between China and the US, the USA has joined the 62nd anniversary of the Second Taiwan Strait crisis in Kinmen, Taiwan.

To mark the 62nd anniversary of the Second Taiwan Strait crisis at a memorial park Kinmen island, Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen paid her respects to the deceased by bowing her head. Kinmen island is just a few kilometres away from the Chinese metropolis of Xiamen.


Why Taiwan celebrates Strait crisis?

In 1958,  August, Chinese armed forces began bombarding Kinmen and  Matsu archipelago for more than a month along with the Taiwan-controlled naval coasts and air battles. This was an attempt made by China to force Taiwan’s submission.

But with support from the United States of America, Taiwan fought back and ended the crisis in a stalemate. The US had sent military equipment like advanced Sidewinder anti-aircraft missiles which enabled Taiwan with a technological edge in fighting back with the Chinese forces.

US – Taiwan relations

Though the United States does not maintain direct relations related to the military or arms supplies, Washington is a major arms supplier for Taipei.

In recent times, the US-China relations have worsened to new heights. Starting with a trade war, Coronavirus has much strengthened these worsening relations between both countries.

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Trump administration has continued the arms supply and also assisted Taiwan’s army in all possible aspects indirectly. This has angered China as it claims Taiwan as its own territory. Till date, China continues its military clashes with Taiwan.

Taiwan has never accepted Chinese claims of being its territory. Taiwan is a big example of Chinese vicious ambitions of conquering the regions by force. Hong Kong which is suffering from Chinese rule has indicated how forcefully the mainland Beijing implements its laws despite huge opposition from people living there.


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