Trump Threatens Permanent Freeze Of WHO Funding

Trump Threatens Permanent Freeze Of WHO Funding

COVID-19 pandemic has drawn a major difference line among the US and WHO. Trump has threatened to stop funding WHO.

In a serious development that took place on Monday, United States president, Donald Trump issued an ultimatum to the World Health Organization related to the COVID-19 and China.

The US alleged China for the Coronavirus outbreak and demanded a detailed inquiry on the virus birth and its spread by the WHO.

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The US is the major sufferer of the COVID-19 outbreak. Trump and the US administration have repeatedly accused China and the WHO of not taking measures in finding the facts about the pandemic despite allegations that China has intently created the virus for destroying the US economy.

Demanding a facts finding of its allegations, the US has now taken the step to pressurize the WHO for necessary action. The US is the major contributor of the fund to the WHO comprising of 15% of its total revenue. Now, the threat of stopping the funds as well as reconsidering membership by the US has caused panic among the WHO officials. At the same time, the US has also fixed a timeframe of 30 days to react to its demands.

Here are some of the highlights of the letter sent to the WHO’s chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus by Donald Trump – 

  • WHO delayed an emergency declaration under pressure from Chinese President Xi Jinping
  • Criticises China’s transparency, censorship and lack of international co-operation
  • Accuses the WHO of not commenting on Chinese racial discrimination.
  • Criticises WHO chief for not acting on time in order to save many lives across the globe.

Meanwhile, China has agreed for a probe on COVID-19 origin. It also announced an aid of $2 billion for the WHO. Further, China has announced that any vaccine if invented to cure COVID-19, will be made available for the global countries to counter the pandemic.

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