Pakistan International Airlines Airbus A320 Crashed

Pakistan International Airlines Airbus A320 jet was flying from the eastern city of Lahore to Karachi in the south with 99 people crashed on Friday afternoon killing at least 82 people. 

Pakistan International Airlines Airbus A320 jet was carrying 91 passengers and 8 crew members. Pakistan’s Civil Aviation ministry has confirmed the death of 89 people travelling in the flight PK 8303. But they have not clarified whether the deaths were related to plane’s passengers or it includes the residents where the crash took place. The crash took place in Karachi residential area.

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As per the latest reports, there are only 2 survivors and the remaining dead bodies are under search. Many eyewitnesses say that the plane before getting crashed tried to land twice but could but do so. The plane hit a mobile tower and then got crashed into the residential area which is just a few kilometers away from Karachi Airport.

The survivors said that the pilot has announced an emergency for the passengers and informed them that the plane lost the power in both the engines. The same was intimated to the air traffic controllers also according to the survivors. before something could be done the plane crashed into the heavily crowded district of Karachi.

Pakistan has resumed domestic flights after the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. As the country is going to celebrate the Ramadan festival after just a couple of days, the tragedy took place in Pakistan. It is believed that the passengers were travelling to visit their relatives in view of the holy festival.

Airbus A320 jet was serving Pakistan’s International Aviation department since 2004. Pakistan’s civil aviation department has denied commenting on the reasons for the crash. Experts say that there may be many causes for the crash and it will be too early to come to the conclusion at this point of time.

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