US announces ISIS Chief Baghdadi Dead

US announces ISIS Chief Baghdadi Dead

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – Most wanted International Terrorist has been killed in the US military operation in Syria. Donald trump has officially announced this.

US announces ISIS Chief Baghdadi Dead

Donald Trump has stated that the most wanted terrorist has been killed in Northwest Syria operations by the US Military. With an authenticated information, the US military has carried out attacks in Idlib province. He was hiding in a tunnel where there was no alternative for him to escape from death. He died along with his three sons after detonating with explosives.

In this attack, Baghdadi’s three sons were also killed along with him. According to the US President, eight helicopters carried out this hunt.

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Trump appeared joyful when he was announcing the death news of 48-year old Baghdadi. He was key person in carrying out many militant attacks in Syria and Iraq. His main bases were these countries.

Here are the official tweets from Whitehouse and Donald Trump:

After the death of Bin Laden, Baghdadi took over the Jihadi movement (Suicide bomb attacks) and the militant groups and changed the name of the terrorists camps as ISIS.

A 7 crore award was announced on Baghdadi’s head by the United States. Nearly 8-million innocent people were suffering because of Baghdadi’s brutal idealism.

Baghdadi’s death was confirmed after carrying out the DNA tests. US has got a huge relief from criticisms for vacating the Northwest Syria just a few days back. Both the countries Iraq and Syria will get some releif apart from Lebanon, turkey and Iran.

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