Iraq protests turn chaotic - At least 40 killed in fresh protests

Iraq protests turn chaotic – At least 40 killed in fresh protests

On Friday, 25th Oct 2019, At least 40 protestors got killed as police opened fire and used tear gas to snub the demonstrations against the Iraq government.

Iraq protests turn chaotic - At least 40 killed in fresh protests

According to the security forces of Iraq, demonstrations against the Iraqi government are intensifying since Oct 1, 2019. Since then, protests are getting intensified day by day. The latest bloodshed is the second major clash during this between the security forces and the protestors.

Interior Ministry spokesman Khalid al-Muhanna stated that around 68 security personnel got injured during these clashes. According to the Iraqi High Commission on Human Rights (IHCHR) and medical sources, more than 2,000 people nationwide got injured till now.

The protestors are demanding major reforms that will make their living better. Though Iraq is a rich country with huge oil resources, many Iraqis are living below the poverty line. They are deprived of basic needs such as clean drinking water, good medical facilities for basic healthcare, quality education, and electricity. Apart from these, Jobs and security are also an important issue that led protestors to take on the streets.

Protestors also allege the Iraq government over corruption and economic hardship. The protestors now pose the biggest challenge for Iraq’s Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi. Just a year ago Adel Abdul Mahdi took over the Prime Minister Office promising economic reforms as well as a huge reshuffle of cabinet. But he failed to do so.

Demonstrations across Bagdhah where they have been initially started are now spreading to other parts of the country. Mainly, the Iraqis have come to the conclusion that the interference of foreign allies – Iran and the USA in their internal matters is the main hindrance to their economic growth.

now, they have started demanding self-rule. In the past, Iraq had suffered from the US invasion against Former Dictator Saddam Hussain’s ruling and thereafter the Islamic State (IS) insurgency.

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