US Declares National Emergency Over Coronavirus Pandemic

US Declares National Emergency Over Coronavirus Pandemic

Putting an end to the criticism about a slow reaction in handling the situation aroused from Coronavirus, US President Donald Trump has announced a National Emergency on Friday.

US Declares National Emergency Over Coronavirus Pandemic

Till Match 12th, 2020, Trump outplayed the threat from Coronavirus and denied comment on the seriousness of the epidemic. But as the number of COVID-19 infected cases started to rise steeply, Trump sensed the urgency and declared the health emergency nationwide. So far, approximately 54 were reported dead due to Coronavirus in the U.S. Trump also announced that $50 billion would be released for the federal aid to combat the deadly flu.

The announcement has filled new hopes in the stock markets, and the wall street has finished in an upward trend. Though there is no mentioning about the economic policies, Trump’s statement has filled new hopes in the health care and welfare of the citizens. Trump urged all his citizens to be careful with the illness and take precautionary measures to contain the spread of the deadly Coronavirus.

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India has already declared the implementation of the 1976 health care improvement act. According to this act, all the state governments were directed to set up health emergency units and make the doctors available for the treatment of the pandemic. Though India has recorded just 2 cases of deaths officially pertaining to COVID-19, the Government of India is taking strict measures to stop the spread of this deadly flu in the initial stages itself.

Trump also added some of the restrictions as a part of the National emergency. This includes a ban on around 26 countries including some of the European country citizens from entering into the US for a month.

Apart from all these, Washington has issued summons over the Bejing’s comments on Coronnovirus.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) reports, COVID-19 has now spread in around 130 countries excluding China. Also, the report indicates that nearly 1,38,000 people are being infected or suffering from Coronavirus pandemic.

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