Nations Declare Lockdown Due To Coronavirus

Nations Declare Lockdown Due To Coronavirus

Coronavirus – A name that is making shiver, for all the nations worldwide. The death toll has crossed 8,000 whereas the infections crossed the mark of 2 Lakhs.

Nations Declare Lockdown Due To Coronavirus
                     Nations Declare Lockdown Due To Coronavirus

The panic created by the COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet and it seems that it may not soon also. The borders are getting closed by the nations. Jobs have been affected a lot. There seems to be a global recession if the present situation prevails.

The U.S. – Canada has been Closed as a step to stop the Coronavirus spread. Day-by-day, the Coronavirus infected people are increasing along with the number of deaths. Globally the figure has crossed 8,000 mark in case of COVID-19 mortality. The infected people are also increasing and have crossed a 2,00,000 mark.

The Coronavirus outbreak has also already resulted in layoffs worldwide. According to the United Nations Agency, there is a danger of 25 million job layoffs due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

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In India, every day there are new registrations of Coronavirus infected cases. As per the Government of India’s Health Ministry sources, the infected figure has crossed 170 mark. India has also imposed a travel ban as the Coronavirus is spreading at an alarming rate within the country. Reports suggest that 2 million (Non-Resident Indians) NRI’s are residing in over 10 countries hit by Coronavirus.

It is well known that many countries have already imposed travelling ban and also suspended the communication systems like Airlines and other transport means so as to stop the spread of the deadly COVID-19.

As stated by Tedros Adhanom, World Health Organization Chief, Coronavirus is the “Enemy Against Humanity”. Moving a step forward, German Chancellor Merkel calls COVID-19 as the biggest challenge faced by the nations since the World War-II.

Though in the latest statement issued by China has declared there is no new domestic case that has been registered related to Coronavirus since its birth in December 2019. This can be stated as a big achievement for China because the COVID -19 which has the starting point in China has ended the spread locally after spreading it to the world countries.

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