Woman Trafficking: 629 Pakistani girls sold to China

Woman Trafficking: 629 Pakistani girls sold to China

Woman Trafficking is on a high scale as 629 Pakistani girls were sold to China as brides and later they were forced into prostitution.

Woman Trafficking: 629 Pakistani girls sold to China
                  Woman Trafficking: 629 Pakistani girls sold to China

The main cause of women trafficking in China is because of the huge gap between the male and female ratio. As of now, the Chinese statistics indicate that there 34 million men in China who are deprived of women for marriages or relationships. Apart from marriages Pakistani women are usually trafficked to China for the purpose of sexual exploitation, particularly prostitution and pornography.

This basic point is the root cause of Pakistani women trafficking on such a large scale. The main targets for Chinese are Pakistani poor women and also who are isolated from families.

Also, Pakistani mediators have cashed this opportunity and started women trafficking as a trade business. Unofficially, one of the Pakistani Ministerial spokesperson has stated that the Pakistani and Chinese brokers make between 4 million to 10 million rupees (approximately $25,000 – $65,000).

The stated number, 629 is officially announced by Pakistan’s ‘The Associated Press’ where the investigators are also a part. This concrete number of women were caught by the officials during the year 2018.

The shortage of women in China has become one of the flourishing business for Pakistani as well as Chinese women trafficking mediators. Both the governments are acting blindly in this matter as it is a basic need of humans for physical relationships.

Pakistani mainly should act harshly to stop this women trafficking. But it is believed that the higher-level government authorities have their own pressures in snubbing this issue. The women in China are more in demand as the number of males is above the matching proportion. The Chinese government has also legalized marriages to induct more foreign women into their population.

It is mainly reported that the Christian community in Pakistan is targeted for women trafficking. The Christian communities in Pakistan are financially poor and also they belong to minority groups in that country.

According to one of the media reports in Pakistan, around 52 people were arrested by Pakistan Investigating Agency between 2018 and 2019 years, where 20 were Pakistanis and the remaining were Chinese men who were involved in women sale from Pakistan to China.

Also, the investigating agency sent a report labeled “Fake Chinese Marriage Cases” to Pakistan Prime Minister, Imran Khan. But unfortunately, there is no action from the highest office to date.

International Human Rights Commission has also stated that brides from Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, North Korea, and Vietnam to China are on high ratio apart from Pakistan.

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