World’s first autonomous Linux operating system announced by Oracle

As the technologies are advancing day by day, Oracle has announced its latest technological achievement. World’s first autonomous Linux operating system has been announced by Oracle.


Autonomous Linux OS is based on Oracle Linux, which powers Oracle Cloud as well as Oracle Engineered Systems. The Patches, Bugs, and Updates will be available in due course of running.

A tweet has been posted officially by the Oracle on the eve of the launch of Autonomous Linux.

Besides the Autonomous Linux OS, Oracle also announced Oracle OS Management Service. This will enable to help and control systems whether they run on Autonomous Linux OS, Linux OS, or Windows OS. Autonomous Linux OS services are included with Oracle Premier Support at free of cost. This is also free for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure customers.

In addition to these, Oracle also announced a new security service called Oracle Data Safe. Oracle Data Safe is essentially a unified control center for monitoring security issues with data, users and configuration. This service is included with all Oracle Database Cloud services.

On the launch of it’s Autonomous Linux OS, Oracle has stated in its blog –

Combined with resource governance policies, OS Management Service, via the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console or APIs, also enables users to automate capabilities that will execute common management tasks for Linux systems, including patch and package management, security and compliance reporting, and configuration management,

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