A New Hope CF33 that can kill all types of Cancer

A New Hope: CF33 that can kill all types of Cancer

A new cow-pox style virus found by CF33 Professor Yuman Fong is a new hope for Cancer patients. Cowpox-style virus can kill almost every type of Cancer.

A New Hope CF33 that can kill all types of Cancer

The diagram explains the functioning of the newly developed CF33.

Reports suggest that the treatment is named as (Cow Fox 33) CF33 and this will be tested on breast cancer suffering patients initially. Gradually the treatment will be spread to other types of cancer patients.

CF33 treatment is developed by an Australian biotech company Imugene. Speaking about the invention :

There was evidence that viruses could kill cancer from the early 1900s when people vaccinated against rabies had their cancer disappear, they went into remission,

The problem was if you made the virus toxic enough to kill cancer you were worried it would also kill man,

CF33 is a Chimeric Vaccinia which is also familiarly known as Pox. In simple words, the vaccinia is of double standard DNA virus related to Poxviridae family.

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Vaccinia is well proved vaacine that has resulted in successful eradication of Smallpox. Also, millions of people have used the vaccine and are safe. The newly developed vaccine develops the immune system that destroys the tumours in the body. It also recognises the tumours in the body so as to act on it.

Basing on the functioning of the Vaccinia, CF33 CF33 usage may hopefully improve the life of the cancer patients. Presently, the therapeutic approaches are facing a difficulty in treating the cancer.

A hope has been raised among the cancer treatments due to the positive pre-clinical trail results. As of now the pre-clinical results suggest that the new cow-pox like virus can reduce tumours in mice. It is also can be tested on bladder, bowel, breast, gastric, lung and melanoma related cancers.

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