A Rare Occurrence In The Wildlife Drawn Parallels To Human Relationships

A Rare Occurrence In The Wildlife Drawn Parallels To Human Relationships

A rare occurrence in wildlife has drawn parallels to human relationships. Also, it has shown what is missing these days in humans.

Indian Forest Service official Susanta Nanda who offers intriguing natural life content on Twitter has thought of an inspiring story of a tigress and seven whelps. Netizens have attracted equals to human associations with this uncommon occurrence in the backwoods and the wild feline’s story has won hearts on the web.

A photo shared by Nanda on Tuesday shows seven tigers waiting around what has all the earmarks of being a dead creature.

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Explaining the story of the tigress and seven tiger fledglings, Nanda said that four nine-month-old whelps were left stranded after their mom kicked the bucket. One vagrant whelp was killed by a grown-up tiger, however after that their auntie assumed responsibility for the offspring. He likewise said that a tigress dealing with her dead sister’s three whelps alongside her own four offspring was an uncommon event in nature.

Here is the Tweet of Nanda –

Nanda captioned the photo –

Tigress takes care of 3 cubs of her dead sister along with 4 of her own. It is also reported that she gives precedence during hunting to the cubs of her sister. Rare.

In the comments section, he further said

When the tigress died,it left four cubs of 9 months old. One was killed by an adult tiger. After that, aunt has taken over the duty & responsibility of the orphans, teaching them the hard ways of the jungle life. Rare occurrence in the wild.

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