Driest Place On Earth, Atacama Desert Turns Into Flowering Desert

Driest Place On Earth, Atacama Desert Turns Into Flowering Desert

Chile’s Atacama Desert which is known as the driest place on the planet is in the news because of its blooming flower beauty. The Desert has a minimum average rainfall which is approximately 15mm/year is now a place of attraction with beautiful flowers. The colourful flowers resemble a fairyland.

Huge areas of deserts are ordinarily considered infertile scenes with insignificant greenery. Notwithstanding, there are sure meteorological occasions having the ability to change a desert into a brilliant valley. Something comparable can be seen in the Atacama desert in Chile.

In spite of being known as the driest put on earth, it tends to be a spot for individuals who have enormous love for blossoms. Appears to be amazing.

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Indian Forest Service (IFS) official Susanta Nanda has concocted a couple of pictures that can make you feign exacerbation. In the photos, one can see the radical change that weighty brought to the Atacama desert.

This occasion happens once every five to seven years between the long stretches of September and November. After a rainstorm, the lethargic seeds on the desert floor get restored and start to grow. During the desert sprout, different types of wildflowers can be found in the Atacama Desert.

The phenomenon has dragged a lot of nature lovers. Many tourists have started visiting the place and enjoying the beauty of nature. Many feel this is the “Marvel of nature”.

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