Biden To Reverse Trump Policies

Biden To Reverse Trump Policies

Biden will take his office today and immediately after taking charge as President Biden is expected to reverse Trump policies in many issues.

US aides say that around 17 actions of Trump will be reversed immediately. Among them, Immigration policy, Policy on Climate Change and COVID policy are the major ones.

Biden will also end Muslim travel ban on his first day itself. It is to be remembered that Donald Trump has banned immigrants from Muslim countries into the US.

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The major boost for the world countries is the restoring of “Paris Climate Treaty”. Trump announced the withdrawal from the treaty last year blaming that it was of no use.

Biden To Reverse Trump Policies – Highlights:

  • Assailed ban on visitors from several majority-Muslim countries

    Biden To Reverse Trump Policies
    Biden To Reverse Trump Policies
  • Halt construction of the wall on the US-Mexico border
  • Restore protection of nature reserves
  • Restoring of Paris Climate Treaty (Under the Obama administration, the United States had pledged to curb greenhouse gas emissions by 26% – 28% below 2005 levels by 2025).
  • Plans to send a bill to Congress to revamp immigration policies
  • Establishing an office of Covid-19 response inside the White House
  • A 100-day “masking challenge” will be led with a presidential order for wearing masks in all federal properties and activities, setting the standard for private companies, individual states and communities to follow suit.

Director of the World Resources Institute’s international climate initiative, David Waskow said

Internationally there will be a expectation that the U.S. brings forward a new, ambitious target under the Paris agreement,

Internationally, it’s an important way of making clear the U.S. is going to take care of business at home.

Many were expecting major rollbacks of Trump policies by Biden. Melania Trump has however in his farewell video said that their administration has done best they can do.

One of the awkward moments this time is that Donald Trump and his first lady did not invite the newly elected Joe Biden and his wife for a “Tea Party” which has been a tradition for a long time. Also, Trump couple will not attend the Sworn-in-ceremony of Biden.

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