Coronavirus Constitutes A Global Emergency As Death Toll Climbs

Coronavirus Constitutes A Global Emergency As Death Toll Climbs

National Health Commission (NHC) of China has confirmed the death of 170 people by mid-night of 29th January 2020 due to Coronavirus.

Coronavirus Constitutes A Global Emergency As Death Toll Climbs

Apart from those deaths, nearly 7,711 people got affected by the virus as per the medical confirmation. NHC has also confirmed that Coronavirus is spreading deadly fast. Apart from this, the commission has declared 12,167 as suspected cases.

As a result, the Chinese authorities have ceased the Wuhan province. All the communication transport systems have been halted as the Virus affected people movement can be contained. Along with Wuhan, 16 other cities were identified as the epic centres for the Coronavirus spread as well as birth.

Many International countries have also announced that the citizens belonging to their respective countries should leave Wuhan immediately. As a part of the preventive measures, many Global airlines have either suspended their services or back scaled.

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British Airways has already suspended all direct flights to and from mainland China. The United States is also considering the same step to follow.

Here is the list that has suspended their Airlines to and from China:

Air Canada Suspended all direct flights to Beijing and Shanghai
American Airlines Group Inc Suspended flights from Los Angeles to Beijing and Shanghai
British Airways Suspended all direct flights to and from China
Delta Air Lines Suspended half of its flights to China
Germany’s Lufthansa Suspended flights from Beijing and Shanghai
IAG group along with BA Suspended all flights to Shanghai
India’s IndiGo Suspended flights to Chengdu and Hong Kong.
Indonesia’s Lion Air Suspended all direct flights to China

After 2003 April, this is a major threat that has affected the airlines. SARS was at peak during the 2003 year that plunged approximately 45% of the passenger travel through flights.

WHO emergency meeting today

The World Health Organization (WHO) is meeting today to discuss the Coronavirus and is likely to declare it as a global health emergency. This was briefed during a press conference by the Executive Director of WHO Health Emergencies Programme, Michael J. Ryan

The WHO will reconvene an emergency meeting tomorrow. We are at an important juncture in the event. The disease is still spreading. The meeting will consider declaring a global public health emergency meeting in Geneva,

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said

In the last few days the progress of the virus, especially in some countries, especially human-to-human transmission, worries us,

This statement was made a few cases of Coronavirus was spread to Germany, Vietnam, and Japan because of human-to-human transmission.

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