Overdue Leadership Change In IBM - Ginni Rometty To Retire

Overdue Leadership Change In IBM – Ginni Rometty To Retire

IBM’s (International Business Machines Corp.) first female CEO Ginni Rometty who stepped up in 2012 will be stepping down as chief executive officer by this year-end.

Overdue Leadership Change In IBM - Ginni Rometty To Retire

CEO Ginni Marie Rometty is serving the IBM for 39 years and during her tenure, she is marked by noteworthy awards. She also faced with many fierce criticisms related to layoffs, executive compensation bonuses, and outsourcing.

Ginni’s role as first female chief of IBM received a note in the press. She is the key decision-maker in transforming the IBMs business since she took over the charge. She was responsible for Cloud Network implementation which gave a tough challenge for its competitors Amazon and Microsoft.

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Before Rometty took over as the chief, IBM shares were flat in growth for almost 6 years. She has uplifted the shrinking sales and also initiated the 3rd major transformation in IBM’s history. She was in the chair even though she crossed 60 years of age. She is the only 2nd CEO for IBM to stay even after crossing 60 years.

Now, her successor, Arvind Krishna is named as the CEO, by the company. He is the mastermind behind Red Hat acquisition deal. He is also the man behind suggesting the Hybrid Cloud deal which is proved to be the best step for the company’s future growth. Many new technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Quantum Computing (CQC).

Mr Krishna was the key to growing IBM’s cloud and software business. He is the spearhead in adopting the hybrid multi-cloud storage and own services.

In a statement issued by the company on Thursday said –

He is an authentic leader who lives the values of IBM and has taken on ever-increasing responsibilities across the company,

Apart from Krishna’s announcement as CEO, Red Hat CEO, Jim Whitehurst has been named as IBM’s next president.

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