Coronavirus Stretches Its Limits To Kill 108 In A Day

Coronavirus Stretches Its Limits To Kill 108 In A Day

Day-By-Day the Coronavirus is becoming more deadly as it has killed 108 people alone in China in one single day. The death toll has raised to 1016 as of now.

Coronavirus Stretches Its Limits To Kill 108 In A Day

The Chinese National Health Commission (NHC) is officially issuing the death toll daily. Though the virus has not spread to other countries in the manner as it is spreading within mainland China, the virus is declared as most deadly and dangerous by the World Health Organization (WHO).

WHO Cheif, Tedros Adhanom, in a press statement said

The detection of this small number of cases could be the spark that becomes a bigger fire. But for now, it’s only a spark. Our objective remains containment. We call on all countries to use the window of opportunity we have to prevent a bigger fire,

Overall infected person number stands at around 42,638 as on date. As per the official announcement, around 20,000 medical personnel were sent to Wuhan where the Coronavirus epicentre lies. According to the WHO all the countries are at the risk. But the medical efforts seem to be insufficient as the recovered number is very less and close to 2,222 patients only.

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Since the Coronavirus outbreak, Chinese President Xi Jinping has made his public appearance for the first time on Tuesday, i.e., today. He visited health facilities provided to the people in Beijing.

The single-day death toll is increasing day by day in China. Though the medical facilities are being offered to the people the death toll has been in increasing graph.

Apart from China around 319 cases of Coronavirus have been detected in 24 countries as per the WHO. However, the death cases have been not yet confirmed by the WHO due to the virus.

Many world countries have imposed a kind of travel ban on China since the news of Coronavirus erupted. Though China urged to have relaxations, many countries like the U.S have denied to take back the steps.

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