Israel Political Deadlock Continues Even After Latest Elections

Israel Political Deadlock Continues Even After Latest Elections

Israel political deadlock continues even after latest elections held on March 2nd as the results mirrored the same as of the previous one.

Israel Political Deadlock Continues Even After Latest Elections

For almost one year, Israel political dilemma is continuing on whether who will be the Prime minister. Though Benjamin Netanyahu did not secure the majority, he was in the post as acting or the Interim Prime Minister till date.

Benny Gantz of Blue and White Party and Avigdor Lieberman of Yisrael Beiteinu party, on Monday, held talks to resolve the prevailing political crisis. Both the leaders have expressed satisfaction after talks.

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Israel went for elections for the third time in a row as the parties have fallen short of a majority and no formula had emerged to form a government by any party in Israel. Though the exit polls have revealed that there might not be a huge numbers gap between the main parties, Netanyahu expressed confidence of forming the government.

But after the election commission announcement of results, Netanyahu’s Likud party could not gain the majority of 61 seats. Opinion polls went up to 60 seats for Likud party in this elections 2020.

Now, Gantz and Lieberman have come together to form the government as there are many challenges to face. One and the most immediate among those challenges is COVID-19 outbreak. The Coronavirus has already affected many economies which are slowing down day by day.

The longest-ruling leader in Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu is struggling to pile the majority as the date for his trial is coming near.

The people of Israel are waiting for an end to the political instability that is existing in the country at a crucial point of time where the health and economies are deteriorating on one hand, and on the other hand, the war-like situation with the neighbouring countries is a challenge that cannot be ignored at any point of time.

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