Threat of Coronavirus Spread - Analysis

Threat of Coronavirus Spread – Analysis

Today, the entire world is shivering in the name of COVID-19 or popularly known as CORONAVIRUS. The epic centre for this deadly disease started in China’s Wuhan Province.

Threat of Coronavirus Spread - Analysis

Initially, the virus was more threatening in China. But slowly the virus has spread to the many countries and the deaths have been uncontrollable.

Today almost all the major countries are facing the threat of Coronavirus. Though the travelling ban was imposed, it is not a sufficient measure to curb the spread of this disease.

Though some of the reports suggest that 70% of the Coronavirus affected patients got recovered, the other parts of the world are suffering to tackle the deadly virus.

India, a country of masses also got affected and the infected number raise to 61. Iran. Italy and South Korea are in the news for the most and fast affected nations.

Iran has posted 54 deaths in a single day due to COVID-19. South Korea has the biggest toll of 7513 outside China. Even UK’s Health Minister, Nadine Dorris was tested Positive for COVID-19.

Though there are just measures to prevent the virus from spreading, none has succeeded in containing the Coronovirus on a satisfactory scale.

On one side, the World Health Organization is issuing warnings to global countries. But no country seems to be serious in containing the virus at a high priority.

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In an estimate, $2 Trillion (in USD) may be the loss that may arise globally which is a clear indication of recession and downfall of many economies.

Marburg virus in 1967 which had its epic centre at Uganda is one of the deadliest viruses with a mortality rate of 25%. It got repeated during 1998-2000 and once again in 2005.

Ebola outbreak which started in the Republic of Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1976 has struck the world with sickness. The fatality rate was 50%. It was repeated during 2014 in Africa and is considered the most complex virus to date.

SARS is another virus that emerged from China in the year 2002. It got spread to 26 countries and killed more than 8000 people worldwide in 2 years. It was also named as SARS-CoV. The mortality rate was 9.6%.

But, the latest COVID-19 is also believed to be the SARS, but having a larger and stronger virus is shacking the world as it already crossed 60 countries and the mortality rate is estimated as 3.9%. The virus is also the presentation of China to the world in December 2019.

Previously many deadly diseases were identified and vaccinations were invented in later years. But one of the challenges that the world is facing till date without an exact medicine is HIV. It is estimated that nearly 32 million people got killed with this virus and it is the deadliest and scariest virus till date back from the 1980s. Approximately 2/3rds of the world’s population is living with HIV positive signs.

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