Kerch Bridge Explosion Affects Link Between Russia And Crimea

Kerch Bridge Explosion Affects Link Between Russia And Crimea

The Kerch Bridge connecting central Russia with the Russian-controlled Crimean Peninsula witnessed a huge blast on Saturday. This explosion took place immediately after Kharkiv, an Eastern Ukrainian city was rocked by bomb blasts.

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry was quick to hail the move. The reports suggest that a car bomb that exploded while travelling on the Kerch bridge is the reason for the massacre. The car bomb explosion took place when seven oil tankers were on their way on the bridge. This immediately caught fire and the bridge suffered huge damage.

Russia said the blast set ablaze seven oil tankers transported by train and collapsed two car lanes of the giant road and rail structure.

Here is a video recording by the security cam and shared on Social media about the Crimean bridge

The Kerch Bridge is a key connector between mainland Russia and the Crimean Peninsula. The bridge was personally inaugurated in 2018 by President Vladimir Putin and is a vital transport link for carrying military equipment to Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine.

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Some of the videos and images were shared in Twitter showing the collapsed parts and damaged roads of the Kerch bridge. Also, some of the broken parts fell into the sea.

Here is a video shared by NEXTA TV on Social media

Russia’s strong insightful panel opened a crook test into the blast and sent investigators to the scene. Russia’s transport ministry said a ferry service has been launched. 

Importance gained for the blasts as they occurred just a day after President Vladimir Putin’s 70th birthday.

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