Locust Attack In India Create Panic Among Farmers

Locust Attack In India Create Panic Among Farmers

A swarm of Locusts attacked the farm fields in India. When the nation is fighting the Coronavirus pandemic, the locust attack has created panic among the farmers.

Locust Attack In India Create Panic Among Farmers

The swarm of Locusts has attacked the fields and some of the residential areas on Monday. Though this a common phenomenon every year, the swarm of locusts have travelled far distances reaching the city of Jaipur in Rajasthan.

Later, the swarm of locusts has travelled towards other districts in the state like Dausa. Till the last reports received, nearly 18 districts in Rajasthan were affected by the locusts attack. As per the Rajasthan agriculture minister, Lalchand Kataria, nearly 200 teams are still working in the fields to monitor the movement of the insects.

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800 tractors were mounted with sprayers to tackle the swarm of locusts. Around 54,000 hectors of the area have been covered or infected by these locusts. Around 40,000 hectares have been saved from this attack due to precautionary measures by the officials.

On Tuesday, the swarm has reached the state of Maharashtra and entered the city of Nagpur.

It is believed that this kind of such a huge attack took place after 70 years. Normally the swarms consist of nearly 1 crore locusts and they can travel up to a distance of 150 km per day in search of food. they are considered as dangerous with respect to farms as they consume the food grains on a large scale. Once the swarm of locust attack takes place, then the food grains are lost on a large scale which can feed some lakhs of people in general.

At this junction of time, the locusts attack is a major blow not only for the farmers but also for the Indian economy as a whole. Though India is still in lockdown period, the COVID-19 cases are rising at an alarming rate and the deaths

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