News Lawn Explains Will COVID-19 Lead To World War- III?

News Lawn Explains | Will COVID-19 Lead To World War- III?

Will COVID-19 Lead To World War- III? Well, this is an analysis made by some of the political analysts who think maybe, Coronavirus may become one of the causes if happens.

Basing on the ongoing incidents and observing the attitude of the world nations, it seems that the Coronavirus is not only responsible for the economic collapse but also spoiled bilateral relations among the countries.

Since the Coronavirus outbreak and after declaring it as world pandemic by the WHO, the economic situations of many countries in the world got shattered due to lockdowns. The economic policies of many countries have taken new shapes and paths. The main reason for this is blamed to be China.

China has become a common target for many countries. Especially, the United States and its allies have blamed China for the pandemic. Adding fuel to this, China’s behaviour also matched the allegations made.

On the other hand, China has implemented policies which targetted its neighbouring countries. India one of the biggest and strongest contender for China in terms of economy and military power has also got annoyed by the Chinese approach. The longtime pending border issue got blazed in recent times Chinese army encroached and killed 20 Indian army personnel. Both the countries have stepped up to a situation where the armies and war artillery were deployed at borders on both sides. Though there are talks going on, the issue did not de-escalated.

The US-China relations have become more worse as the consulates in both countries were targetted. China has ordered the US to close its consulate in Chengdu in a tit-for-tat action after the US ordering China to close its consulate in Houston.

In the meantime, China has implemented a new security law which has drawn criticism internationally. But China acted to remain untouched by those criticisms. The United Kingdom, US and other allies have suspended their extradition treaties with Hong Kong. China has curtain raised a new controversy with COVID-19 birth in its territory. China is surely responsible for the pandemic spread as it has not disclosed the facts about the virus to the world in its early stages.

China to counter its enemies has curtain raised for cold war tactics. For example, India has problems with neighbours like Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal. China has funded these countries and tried to make a trap around India. Likewise, another country Iran. Iran has enmity with the US. China has grabbed the opportunity and turned Iran as its ally by funding and indirectly waging it to war.

Despite its cunning and cruel efforts, China could not succeed at International levels to distance itself from COVID-19 issue as well as its trade policies. Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and the Philippines are suffering from Chinese dominance and illegal capture of marine territory in the South China Sea region.

Turkey and Hong Kong are in the web of China and only a major movement can only free these countries from its illegitimate custody.

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