North Korea Food Shortage Endanger Pet Dogs

North Korea’s Food Shortage Endanger Pet Dogs

Amid a shortage of food supplies in North Korea, Supremo Kim Jong-Un ordered the citizens to give up their pet dogs for meat.

Ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has brought a great danger in many ways for the world economies. One of the aspects is shortage of food supplies. North Korea, a country which relies on China for 90% to meet its food supplies, is now facing a shortage.

to overcome this, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un who has a negative attitude to pet dogs has taken an unusual step and ordered the citizens to hand over their pet dogs either to zoos and some of them to restaurants so that they can be utilized as meat.

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Though many North Koreans feel this step as inhuman and brutal, they have no choice but to obey the orders of Kim. Already a team of officials has been set up to identify the owners of pet dogs in the country. Once they are identified, pet dogs will be confiscated from them.

To justify his move, Kim has curtain raised a new theory. As per his theory, people with pet dogs are considered to be rich and luxurious. To erase this class difference, it seems that he has ordered pet dogs to be killed to meet the food supplies. Another reason is that dog meat is consumed as one of the delicious food in North Korea.


Kim Jong-un considers owning pet dogs is a symbol of Capitalism and Western decadence. In 2018 itself, North Korea has asked the pet dog owners to hand over them to the authorities or else they have to hand over the rice worth $148 to the state. He called having pet dogs a sign of bourgeois ideology.

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