Taiwan's Elections Not An Referendum For Chinese Rule

Taiwan’s Elections Not An Referendum For Chinese Rule

Taiwan’s Foreign Affairs Minister Joseph Wu in Taipei said that the upcoming election results cannot be a referendum for acceptance of the Chinese Rule.

Taiwan's Elections Not An Referendum For Chinese Rule

Taiwan has scheduled its Parliament and Presidential elections on Saturday, the 10th of January 2020. China which claims Taiwan as its territory has always watched the elections closely every time they are held. However, Taiwan claims to be an independent country and holds its own elections and elects its own candidate as President.

Taiwan’s sitting President Tsai Ing-wen has warned his citizens about Chinese attempts to curb their freedom of Independent country status.

Han Kuo-yu, Kuomintang party leader and the main opponent for Tsai Ing-wen has stated that if he comes into power then he will reset the ties with China which is helpful in boosting Taiwan’s economy. But he also assured that the country’s democracy and independence will not be compromised as alleged by his rival Tsai.

In recent times, one of the Australian media has stated Han as a spy for China. But both China and Han have denounced the allegations made against them.

Tsai Ing-wen has appealed the Taiwanese citizens to cast their vote against China during her elections campaign. China has cut off the diplomatic ties with Taiwan since 2016, the time when Tsai took the office as the President of Taiwan.

Joseph Wu said that

This is our own election. This is not China’s election. It is Taiwanese people who go to the voting booth to make a judgment on which candidate or political party is better for them,

If China wants to play with democracies in other countries so much, maybe they can try with their own elections at some point.

Chinese President Xi Jinping earlier warned for going to war with Taiwan as the Tsai proposed a peaceful theory of “One Country, Two Systems”. The same policy is being followed in the case of Hong Kong.

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