World has barely started using 5G, China Race to 6G

World has barely started using 5G, China Race to 6G

Most of the world countries has barely started using 5G wireless connectivity technology, but China is looking ahead to develop and launch 6G.

World has barely started using 5G, China Race to 6G
                     World has barely started using 5G, China Race to 6G

on 6th November, 2019 China has officially announced the development og 6G wireless connectivity which will be the latest generation of technology. Science and technology Minister of China has stated that 2 teams will be formed in this process.

Among these 2 teams, one team will be consisting the Chinese government departments whereas the second will consist of nearly 37 experts from various science institutions, universities and corporations.

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First team will look after the execution part whereas the second team will be responsible for technical advices to the government in making major decisions on 6G.

It is now interesting as what this 6G will bring to the world. 5G is a major advancement to 5G with respect to the data transmission speed. Experts have mentioned that 5G is 10 times greater when compared to 4G data transfers. 5G has been just introduced after the year 2009 introduction of 4G.

South Korea has launched the 5G services completely. The US still is under the way if its implementation, While, the rest of the countries are still in the process of completing 4G and then enter into the 5th Generation wireless technology.

However, China is planning to activate around 1,30,000 5G base stations by the end of 2019 year. This will be one of the first and the largest 5G networks globally.

Presently, the mobile devices are still on the way to produce the 5G network supporting devices. World’s largest telecom equipment maker, Huawei is the major supplier of 5G across the world with the help of its 5G base stations.

Though the Chinese officials have not disclosed about the whereabouts of the 6G development and research, it is expected that Huawei may be a pioneer participator in that program too.

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